Winstrol weight gain

It should be noted that individuals using Winstrol may not notice effects for approximately 2 to 3 weeks.
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  When researching Winstrol weight loss effects , a number of studies have focused on the use of anabolic steroids including stanozolol to promote weight gain in patients who are underweight or for the treatment of cachexia (muscle wasting) in individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

Bad idea but I get why he would do that. Is he cramping or his joints achy n crackling? That's how I'd measure winny. AAS always changes due to our ever evolving physical homeostasis. I've run the same gear before and gotten completely different results brother. U could run some Watson Test cyp for 3 cycles consecutively and I'd bet ur gains were different each time. Same thing with orals bro. One cycle to the next the gains change. That's been my personal experience brother. One thing that doesn't change is sides. For me winny always makes me cramp and my joints dry out. If he's not getting his normal sides then I'd be worried about the quality of the product.

Winstrol weight gain

winstrol weight gain


winstrol weight gainwinstrol weight gainwinstrol weight gainwinstrol weight gainwinstrol weight gain