Winstrol help lose weight

Winstrol is used by bodybuilders especially in cutting cycles. It does raise the amount of testosterone circulating in the body and it does suppress other natural hormones levels, as well as change cholesterol levels. Most doctors limit its use to 6 weeks, although some people have used it for as long as twelve weeks. There are some reports that Winstrol weakens tendons and other reports say it strengthens them and other say it strengthens them unevenly, which could be an issue. Joint stress has also been reported while using Winstrol. It has become popular among women who want to build muscle mass and not gain fat. Anyone not involved in bodybuilding as a sport has alternatives when it comes to eliminating fat and building muscle mass.

Putting on lean muscle is important when you are trying to burn fat because muscle is metabollically active. This means that muscle tissue burns calories. The more muscle you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate is, which can support faster weight loss.
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I am 5'7" female, 42, 36-28-42. My gut is "chunky" especially after water retention. I have been tracking every single thing, measuring creamer in coffee, handful of popcorn (log it), look up menu restaurant food, add ++ calories just in case and I still only eat 1500 (no more- sometimes less). Not only can't I shake the weight 147 body fat says % but I can't get the body fat down. I average 10,000 steps a day/have 60-90 mins logged exercise from fit bit, lift weights, jog, pilates, constantly moving. I just can slime my tummy or butt! Help!!!

Winstrol help lose weight

winstrol help lose weight


winstrol help lose weightwinstrol help lose weightwinstrol help lose weightwinstrol help lose weightwinstrol help lose weight