What is tren a drol

I choose to cycle this product after much hesitation.. reason being is that is an exceptionally strong pro hormone and so I anticipated what could possibly occur during and after taking andro.. firstly , without the proper preparation , cycle support , diet, pct u would be stupid to try this product .. u will find that due to the harshness of the hormone that ur body will occur side effects .. and no matter the cycle support u will still occur the sides ! High blood pressure , headaches and general feeling of 'sickness' ... I spent days on the couch feeling terrible and even after finishing the cycle on pct I still felt the 'sickness ' which lead to shutdown .. that being said ... The strength gains are massive !! U power thru ur training with intensity and rage .. my chest workouts were extreme and became obvious to many that I was on something .. so in summary , great for bulking ,but do ur research on this compound as it may hit u hard with sides .. like with my other reviews I don't bs and I tell u how it was for me in order to educate u .. enjoy

It’s pretty widely known that Anadrol is a bad mother if not the greatest for building muscle mass and strength and I can tell you that me running their product has been no different. I didn’t expect to experience much as I was running it at a lower dose than many use it as so I can only imagine if I ran it at 50-100mg ed. I’m still running my cycle but the oral portion is over so I wanted to review the results as they’re fresh, not at the end 3 months from now and not be able to speak accurately on the leaks as I would have been done with that part weeks ago.
Thus far running drol and dbol ive managed to not only gain weight, visually look more muscular, STILL vascular as hell (pic will be posted after review) and my strength through the roof. I can’t even feel a 50lb dumbbell in my hand I’m feeling so strong.
As far as drol goes you can get some pretty good sides, it’s rough on the liver, bp goes up, can shut you down, and you can get water retention. My only side was a very mild form of higher blood pressure. I take milk thistle daily and actually did two days on one day off using Anadrol to prevent the sides a bit and it just fit better for the cycle I am doing. Other than that I look great, feel even better, and loved every week of it.
Stacking with dbol was a good choice as the dbol intensified my strength and muscle gains from the Anadrol. No sides to report I ran it low also. I recommend both of these products and probably will never use another source again when it comes to orals.

What is tren a drol

what is tren a drol


what is tren a drolwhat is tren a drolwhat is tren a drolwhat is tren a drolwhat is tren a drol