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I stumbled across this site while researching BV. I have had this in the past, but it was easily cured with a common antibiotic gel that everyone seems to have been prescribed here. I have a long history with yeast infections, however, and while I have not had one in several years, I did have one following my last menstrual cycle. I am tolerant to the OTC meds, so was prescribed another well known yeast cream, only available by prescription; unfortunately, by day 5, I was in terrible pelvic pain and saw my ob/gyn at a major research university. It was determined that I had both bacterial vaginosis and yeast internally, as well as an extensive external yeast infection. I have never had such a thing before. The odd thing is that I do not have the odor that so many of these posts mention. I was concerned, however, after my consult with my doctor, about some of the natural remedies that are being done out of desperation here and wanted to share what I was told, in the hope that it helps someone.

It is hard to give advice to a person without knowing where they are starting, what their body type is (is it hard for you to gain or too easy) etc. If you are looking to put on mass I would suggest doing Arnold’s Blueprint to Mass Workout and Diet. I honestly think that this is a really excellent program that will yield excellent results for anyone who does it and can be done given your other responsibilities so long as you have the commitment. The way I would suggest doing it is by spending a week not going to the gym at all. All the time you would use going to the gym read this workout. Read the diet. Do all the math for calories and macros. Really lean in and build an understanding of this program in a holistic way. Get a notebook and write out each daily workout. Look every workout up and print out a picture of form. Really really learn the diet, meal prep, mentally prepare yourself for how you will be eating. It will more than likely be a big change, but if you don’t make a big change in routine, lifestyle and diet your body won’t change either. Here is the program and if you want any pointers, help or anything feel free to hit me up.

Tren steroid australia

tren steroid australia


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