Tren ace equipoise

First off, the costumer support was second to none. Lightning fast, HELPFUL responses. All of my questions were answered (and man did I have A LOT).
In addition, t/a (shipping) was crazy quick (came from China in 8 days) to Midwestern United States. Tracked the package the whole way and their EMS shipping seems to get through customs nicely. Also, packaging was VERY secure. No chance of vial breakage at all.
Product quality: I ordered BombLabs test-e 300 and endurexx dianabol.
Doing the test at 600mg/week (e3D) and I have to say after only a week on it, it is 150% for sure LEGIT. Libido, energy/focus increase, and raw power in the gym has already skyrocketed. I know you are probably thinking that it was from the 30mg dbol a day, but I don't think it is. The dbol has honestly not been to impressive and I first believed that it was bunk, so 5 days in, after no crazy pumps or weight gain, I upped my dosage to 50mg a day (20mg upon waking up, and 30 one hour before workouts), and after three days of that all I can say is Holy Shit!! Ilool noticably bigger, and hit new PRs in all of my lifts. I was only at 225 one time on bench before the dbol, and hit 225 4 times after 3 days of increasing my dose.
I forgot to mention that I informed AF that the dbol seemed to be bunk, and they immediately sent me a sample shipment of their other brand (sarcoplex) dbol, to ensure my complete did not bring up a free sample or even really complain, but they asked if I wanted one and shipped it within one day. (Sarcoplex dbol is DEFINITELY dosed right. Very legit product).

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Tren ace equipoise

tren ace equipoise


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