Tren ace and sustanon stack

Dosed Sust @ 750/wk, Tren @ 450/wk and Mast @ 600/wkThis was my first order with Ironborn. The Sust kicked in within a week I was feeling that immense energy where all I think about is how I can't wait to lift.. I was doing 2 a days for the first 2 weeks until I literally had to stop myself because I needed to rest. It just had me feeling like Superman. I'm used to quick esters, but decided to try long with the Tren and Mast. After 2 weeks I was a bit hesitant since i hadn't felt much, but week 3 it just HIT ME. The weights just kept increasing on everything. Was benching 305x5, that 3rd week I was at 345x4 so I knew I was ON. When I started doing standing overhead Press with 225x4 everyone was asking what I'm doing. My weight remained at 225lb while my chest and shoulders just seemed to shred, full separation, hard as a rock. My girlfriend was literally like "you don't even do cardio.. when the hell did you get veins in your abs? Lol all in all, every lift is way up, my body weight remains steady WHILE leaning out, overall energy is great, all I have to do is think "tits" and I'm hard as a rock which my girlfriend is in love with. My temper can be a bit shorter these days, sweat a bit more, but hey it comes with the territory. This source is amazing and I love the fact that I can place an order and begin within the same week and above all, quality is not compromised.. my personal results speak for itself. As long as Ironborn is around, I'm good!

The Tren is as strong as it gets, "forte" is the Italian for strong, and that is up to expectations, unlike other brands I've found to be rather "meh". I only use 200mg weekly and that is enough to meet either my bulking or cut needs, I believe most guys just use too much Tren, well not my take. The SP tren forte kept me strong and lean as I bulked, it lets me eat a beefy caloric surplus daily and yet I stay lean, only side is I get soo hot and sweaty during my workouts it's sometimes a problem, but other than that, I generally tolerate it well.

Tren ace and sustanon stack

tren ace and sustanon stack


tren ace and sustanon stacktren ace and sustanon stacktren ace and sustanon stacktren ace and sustanon stacktren ace and sustanon stack