Test prop kick start cycle

Two changes have taken place which might possibly account for this negating of torque. The first is a new induction system which, I fancy, neither con­tributes nor detracts from engines past, but simply reduces noise to its current ghost-like waffle. Second is the exhaust system and, it, unlike the induction modifications, must indeed hobble en­gine efficiency as much as it destroys noise.

Stunt Performer Fractures Feet and Ankles while Testing Stunt for Fear Factor
Employer: Lock And Key Productions Inc., doing business as Fear Factor, Los Angeles
On August 18, 2011, Employee #1, a stunt performer, was performing a stunt that involved a controlled descent of approximately 70 ft from a suspended cargo net to the ground. He wore a full-body harness and was supported by a safety line that was connected to a 100-ton crane mast and was also under the control of a decelerator device. This device was designed provide a controlled descent to the ground during the final portion of the fall. When the safety line became kinked in one of the pulleys, slack continued to build on the other side. After the kink worked through the pulley, the slack resulted in an additional 8 ft free fall, causing Employee #1 to strike the ground. He was immediately treated at the scene by the on-site set paramedic and was subsequently hospitalized for fractures of both feet and ankles. Prior to the incident, several trial runs were conducted successfully using sand bags and mannequins.

Test prop kick start cycle

test prop kick start cycle


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