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I bought one of the base models out of necessity, and you're not kidding with "The display is dim, the battery life is short and Acer has continually proven that it can't make a laptop without bloatware practically falling out of the display."

The speakers on my base model sound tinny which is unfortunate. No matter I listen to, the speakers are not good.

To say nothing of the bloatware (so true, the bloatware is pretty much falling out of it.)

Battery life: 5 1/2 to just under 7 hours using Word, Excel and watching streaming tutorials and web browsing.

On the plus side, It is solidly built, the RAM and the SSD are snappy. I use this mainly for Office 365 and light web surfing which is why I did not go with a more pricey machine.

My erections didn’t get back to 100% normal until about 3 months after my last T shot. But that’s what the pills are for! lol I had a girl over last night, week 3 of PCT when my libido is probably as low as it will be the whole cycle. I just popped a Viagra and was good to go. I’m totally Ok doing that for the next 2 months if that’s what it takes until I’m back to normal. If you’re going to take steroids, honestly Viagra/Cialis are part of a necessary “Post cycle therepy” are they not? …on an ‘as needed’ basis of course. 😉

Hi john
I’m on TRT myself what is a good test level to read that 800 is optimal for muscle developing is that accurate . What is your test level on TRT? Do you use arimadex during TRT or just when you doing a cycle .
My doctor won’t give me HGC but I can get it . How much and how opten do you use it ? Do you use it during a cycle or in between cycles . What do you recommend for oily skin and zits on my back from the test. You mention that you give blood often can you explain that in more detail. Thank you very much this is the best site I’ve come across I appreciate your honesty.

Test prop bloat

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