How to take trendy selfies

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The handcrafted Miriam’s soft-stretch fabric transitions smoothly from pregnancy to non-maternity wear. The knit skirt classically showcases an optional split that can be placed in the front center to frame the baby bump, along the side for those who want more leg exposure, or opt for the no split option for complete coverage. This Sew Trendy original dress design can be customized to your style with modified sleeves options, train lengths, and alternate shoulder coverage. This gown can be worn with confidence to milestone moments, from senior graduation sessions, to maternity or engagement photo-shoots, upcoming baby showers, or that long-awaited wedding ceremony. The Miriam is wearable from cruise vacation to special work function, and festive parties to formal celebrations.

How to take trendy selfies

how to take trendy selfies


how to take trendy selfieshow to take trendy selfieshow to take trendy selfieshow to take trendy selfieshow to take trendy selfies