Closest steroid to tren

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HAS-BLED is a risk score designed to predict the one year risk for major bleeding in AF patients and may be used to aid in clinical decision making regarding anticoagulation therapy. HAS-BLED is an acronym for the bleeding risk factors that are assessed: Hypertension (uncontrolled, > 160 mm Hg systolic), Abnormal renal/liver function, Stroke, Bleeding history or predisposition, Labile INR, Elderly (age >65 years), and Drugs/alcohol concomitantly (antiplatelet agents, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). A high HAS-BLED score is associated with a high risk of hemorrhage. When used in conjunction with a stroke risk score, HAS-BLED may be able to help one weigh the stroke risk and bleeding risk to determine the best course of action for anticoagulation therapy. It is important to note however, that CHADS2 and CHADS2-VASc stroke risk scores contain some of the same risk factors as HAS-BLED. The results of the HAS-BLED score should be interpreted with this in mind.

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Closest steroid to tren

closest steroid to tren


closest steroid to trenclosest steroid to trenclosest steroid to tren