Anadrol pre workout

I like this drug and always have even though it’s fairly useless in the mass department. But hey, man cannot live by Anadrol and Test Proprionate alone! I have to admit though, it seems fairly insignificant a drug now that the stakes are so high and synthol injections seem the drug of choice of most Olympia competitors. To me, Anavar is about as intense as those little candy beads glued to strips of paper and doled out in rolls, or the cigarette-shaped bubble gum cylinders you used to be able to buy in mock Malboro boxes. Still, don’t let my cynicism stop you from securing as much of this drug as you can. And don’t think, “I’ll ration it over the course of 12 weeks”, think, “I’ll use all 500 tabs in 30 days!” That’s not only the kind of thinking I think is appropriate for guys wanting to become something other than mildly muscular ‘also-rans’, I think it’s particularly appropriate for this drug specifically. Think: BIG BANG!

As for oxys once they hit me, even accutane can't keep the acne away. Helps on most injectables, but anadrol tends to bring it out (not a lot, but minor random spots, which normally never occurs for me on any gear), and the killer the loss of appt.  Ran oxys twice now and had to quit after 2 weeks because of that alone, I still try though and I am going to again this coming up cycle. I really want to stay on it for 6 weeks or more and see how I get along. I plan on taking a lot of digestive enzymes and things of that sort to aid it + EQ this time around, so I'll figure it out.

Anadrol pre workout

anadrol pre workout


anadrol pre workoutanadrol pre workoutanadrol pre workoutanadrol pre workoutanadrol pre workout